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    5 ft. 6 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Self Employed
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    Yes, living with me


With All Due Respect to you.
Before we start, 
Because I have come across lots of scammers I have decided to chat only whoever can confirm her identity, It is good for both. If it goes fine we can go ahead 

I am not here to waste time on scammers.No Games please.

About me :

I m 49
Married about to separate
Here in sidney Ohio on a visit
Have a son 18yrs old,he is my responsibility.

Giving freelance trainings of products, process and behavior for a company in india.

My visits to USA were to bag some contracts for my business
Unfortunately after 3 long visits it looks very tough. I am Broken in business in India and just given training is not sufficient. So Planning to get married and settle in usa.

My Son is a student. Having his education
I Will have to bring him to usa from india.
I belive in sincerity, laughter, humor, Honesty, principles n values, morals.

I like Reading, traveling, music, animals,being in the nature.
Like watching movies n selected shows on studies of my interesting sibjects.
Like to be with friends n chat.
Though have very few
Like to motivate others as its a part of my proffession, like discussion on issues n not fights. Like healthy sensible arguments.
Normally take life as ir comes, Desirous, ambitious. Try getting better.
Sensitive to some issues. Emotional at times but mostly practical.i belive in earn first , spend later and Have dignity n respect.
Like to keep smiles on faces around. I hate ordering others unless its my job or a compulsive situation.
I am spontaneous.

I like peace , harmony, integrity, I am optimistic, feiendly, humorous at times.

Serving others without bothering about self and blind trust to everyone has brought me trouble, have had heavy losses so trying to learn being little self centred, hope i learn it well.☺

Habits : I m a vegetarian
I Dont Drink alcohol
I smoke cigarette

I belong to the patel community in state of gujarat in india, educated n brought up in Mumbai city

What I am looking for

Please keep away if you are afraid of videocall and if dont want to have video communication and authanthicating yourself, i m a harmless person, so interested lady have nothing to fear from me.
These are matters of marriage n cant do with just exchanges of pictures.

What I am looking for

I need a spouse who is Decent, friendly, thoughtful, supportive, softspoken,independent, a thinker cheerful,career oriented, caring, respectable, Honest and who has a big heart.DECENT n not a butterfly.

not selfish, one who like humour, likes friendly discussion
who walks the talk. Care for others.

If both of us find it a match, looking to get married.

There is more i feel to be addressed n discuss but i think this is not a place , we can wait till chat n meet.