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My relationship with-in myself is the central template for which all others are formed. Loving myself is a prerequisite to creating a successful and authentic union with another. I know moving from "I" to "We" requires a shift in perspective and energy. Being an authentic couple is an evolution to me. Between my partner and I, the open exchange of thoughts, and feelings is the lifeblood of our relationship. There will be times when my partner and I must work through obstacles, and when we do this, consciously and with respect, we will learn to create a win-win outcome. I know sometimes in life when presented with turns in the road. How we maneuver these twists and turns determine the success of our relationship. If we treasure one another, our relationship will flourish. Being happily ever after means the ability to keep the relationship fresh and vital.

What I am looking for

I want a woman who knows by having a tender open heart, is not a curse, but a blessing, and by loving deeply and with devotion, is not a mistake, but an expression of who she is as a woman. I want a woman who likes to manifest beauty, celebration, connection, and love that did not exist before. And when she does this, she feels a deep sense of fulfillment and purpose.I want a woman who loves to plan because it allows us to fill up an empty space in time with our love, our passion, and our creativity. I want a woman who keeps track of time, because she trying to be helpful, not because she trying to be controlling. I want a woman who knows that she feels the need to be safe in order to be relaxed and confident in her intimate relationship. I need her to know that I value her presence in my life, and that she does make a difference in the quality of my existence, and that without her, something would be missing. I need her to know that she needs more than just my participation and present in the relationship, in order for her to know that I value her. That I can demonstrate my appreciation of value through actions, and express my appreciation with words. I want a woman that can have my back. One that can know what I going to say before I even say it. A woman that is stable in her emotions. One that doesn't fight as a first option. One that can try and find ways to deal with our differences. Also, she must have patience, kindness, not full of envy, not full of boast, not self-seeking, always proud, not too rude, keeps no record of wrong, always protect, always trust, always shops, and perseveres. I want substance and intelligence in my woman. I'm not that much into looks. For most parts, a woman wants a man that knows what he is doing from start to finish. I want honest and trustworthy, humorous and attentive. I don't like pushovers, but I do like a woman that offers her advice or opinions. We both must be on the same level. She must be confident about herself. If she is goofy then be that way and learn how to work with what you have. If you are conceded and too confident then be that way. I want her to know each time I connect emotionally with her, each time I share my heart with her, every conversation I have with her, every word of love I speak to her, every expression of my respect and appreciation for her, each moment of intimacy, each kiss, each embrace I give her, and of course, each time I make love to her. All of these are the deposited I make into the investment of my relationship with her.