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    6 ft. 6 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, living elsewhere


Hi, I'm a friendly introvert with easy charm, natural confidence, and good instincts that rarely let me down. I am athletic, well rounded, and probably a little bit old-fashioned in a good way. I'm open-minded in my thinking but mostly traditional in my choices. I believe that simple things mean a lot, like common courtesy, punctuality and treating people with respect. I don't have any great talents, but I think it's more important to try to make the most of what you've got. I like spending time with friends and family, but I'm very independent and I don't mind time alone. I'm busy with work most of the week, so I try to keep my free time relaxed, uncomplicated, and without a lot of drama. I own a library card and a gym membership and I use them both regularly. I'm an avid reader, runner and sports fan. On weekends I like going for long runs, hitting the gym, and checking out interesting local neighborhoods and events. As for my match, I used to have clearer ideas about what I wanted, but I’ve been surprised by my experiences and I've learned that great relationships can come from almost anywhere. My match is probably independent, thoughtful, maybe with a few off-beat tastes or interests. She has opinions of her own but also keeps an open mind and can appreciate the mysteries of life. Classic good looks are always attractive.

What I am looking for

I am looking for a sexy, fun partner who appreciates me being a good woman. Ultimately, I would like to find someone special. Someone who is smart, fun, loves to laugh and is insatiable. Someone who is super sweet but also has a mischievous Cat Woman, Someone who knows how to grab life and make the most of it and you love to go out on the weekend. I actually wrote in my headline that I am the best date you have never had just because when I meet someone I just have fun. There is no pressure. You meet for drinks, share some laughs and decide if you want to see each other again. If not, it was a fun time. When it comes to work, I am very diligent and believe in being my absolute best but I am also a bit of a free spirit. I think life has so much to offer and I can't get caught up in the daily grind. I believe in seizing every day. I love to have fun and laugh and make others laugh. I run a consulting/tech firm. It's a fantastic job and affords me the opportunity to travel to wonderful placed primarily Europe. Probably can tell by the pics. So, I would want to be with someone that has kids or really can appreciate them. I like meeting new people, going new places, trying new things. I am a bit of an extrovert and love being social. Going to the beach and NYC are a couple, easy things I like to do. I enjoy a wide variety of activities. I belong to the Kennedy Center. I love sitting near the Wizards bench at a game. I enjoy all kinds of music and going to concerts. I like being active. I work out at least 5x a week lifting weights and doing cardio. I also love playing hoops or football with my colleagues.